• 1 3D Design

    3D design with dark colours
  • 2 Web Template

    Simplistic web template, with vivid colour
  • 3 Logo design

    Vibrant colours and eye catching designs
  • 4 Eshot

    Elegant designs and bold colours

My Name is Ese Bobori and I would like to welcome you to this Cloud 9 experience delivered through my window of perspective.

An experience which should give you designs that are soft to the eyes,
colours appealing to the mind and navigation sublime to interact with.

This project was put together to capture the essence of design and showcase ideas, methods and skills that have been developed over the is a step forward from the previous appearances appearance1 appearance2

What's new?

Everything is new, new overall look, different navigational flow, a more colourful menu with notable response to interaction, as well as new contents. There are also new sections incorporated to help better classify the portfolio content, an example of these changes include a footer menu, an about page, a contact form etc


***The "in the works" section will no longer be featured on the site but rather be moved to my external blog page for now.